League Format

Dividing Teams

  1. Parity among teams is our goal.
  2. Judge players to be A /B/ C when looking at our level of talent and play and divide them into six groups. (3) Sets of offensive players and (3) sets of defensive players.  It will be important for players to indicate what position they want to play,
  3. Ratings to be completed by captains
  4. Captains will convene to draft players.
  5. Trades will be made as needed to balance teams.
  6. Any players added to a team outside of the draft, must be approved by three or more captains.
  7. No players will be protected. Special requests will be considered including those who carpool.

Referees & Standards of Play

  1. One referee.
  2. Short warm up w/ (2-3), (20-22) minute running periods (Depends on length of ice time 60 or 90 minutes).
  3. Play by USA Hockey rules. (http://www.usahockey.com)
  4. Centerline (two-line pass) will be enforced.
  5. No Body checking allowed.
  6. Fighting will not be allowed and depending on the severity of the altercation the following actions will be taken by the captains.
  7. Following the game in which an altercation occurs, the 2 captains must meet w/ the referee and determine what occurred during the incident.
  8. Incidents will then be reviewed by the captains before the date of the offending player(s) next game(s).
  9. Depending on the severity of the infraction, a penalty or suspension may be enforced. The following penalties will result from more serious infractions and are given in the order in which they will be imposed.
    1. One with Game Suspension with no substituting allowed until the suspension has been served with the offending player's own team.
    2. Three Game Suspension with no substituting allowed until the suspension has been served with the offending player's own team.
    3. The player will be asked to leave the league and no league fees will be refunded.
  10. Captains will handle disciplinary problems.
  11. The league also strongly recommends the use of full facial protection. The majority injuries that have been incurred by players over the past seasons were due to players not wearing full facial protection. This is particularly important when you are playing with players of such varied levels of experience .


The league is administered by players/captains each season.


  1. Goalies play with reduced dues, but have the greatest responsibility.
  2. A game with anything less than two goalies is basically worthless so make it a point to show up or find a substitute if you cannot make it to the game.
  3. If a goalie cannot make a game, he/she needs to ensure that there will be a substitute goalie available and attending in his place. (Preferably of an equivalent talent level).
  4. We are working to complete a listing so each goalie will have a substitute phone list.
  5. Any goalie that does not have a substitute lined up will be subject to a $50.00 fine.


  1. The most important function is to ensure that his goalie will be there at each game.
  2. Additionally, a captain needs to be aware of how many players will be attending each game and substitutes should be arranged as needed. (Preferably of an equivalent talent level).
  3. The captain is responsible for encouraging his better players to help his less experienced players by providing advice or even demonstrations between periods or in the locker rooms. This will help us to increase everybody’s level of play throughout our season and give everybody their maximum value for their hockey dollars spent.
  4. Captains need to continually reinforce the idea of friendly competition.
  5. It would be a good idea for each team to have an alternate captain to assist with these duties and to help in case of a captain’s absence.


Due to the need to maintain a relative level of play between teams the captains feel it is necessary to reinforce the rules to create an effective method to the addition of substitute(s) to a team.
  1. A team should not use a substitute if it has (10) or more skaters for a particular game, unless both captains agree to a variance on this rule.
  2. Only players from within the league can substitute for other players.
  3. If a team's full roster is 9 players or less , a substitute can only be used if the aforementioned substitute is of a B ability or less.
  4. A skater should attempt to place his own substitute for a game he knows he cannot attend.  The substitute skater should be of an approximately equal skill level of the skater being replaced.  The captain needs to be notified of this change.
  5. All substitutions need to be approved by a captain.
  6. Fees for substitutions to be paid to a team captain.
  7. Captains should agree upon an equitable distribution of subs prior to the start of the game.

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