Evaluation Skate Sessions

The evaluation skates begin Monday night at 9:30 and 10:30 PM respectively. If you are a new players please make sure to show up to the first skate. If for some reason you are not on this list please show up to the first session and we get you on the ice in one of the slots. The captains will be at both skates and helping register players who have not paid or signed a waiver. We will be at a table in the lobby of South Metro Sports when you arrive! It would be great to have everyone show up and stick around for bot sessions to catch up after the off season and to get to know the new guys! Don't forget to bring a light and dark jersey!

Session 1 - 9:30PM EST:
Jon Aquafondata (Goalie)
Justin Collins (Goalie)
Jared Collins
Jason Collins
Jody McCappin
Chris Pope
Adam Hinkebein
Matt Jenkins
Steven Zuraski
Alex Feist
Garrett Kurtz
Aaron Trebnick
Todd Brown
Neal Montour
Dan Showalter
Tom Halverson
Paul Markham
Dan Berrigan
Sean Huie
Nic Bishop
Anthony Puntel
Sean Ritter
Mitchell Frost
Brian Potocki

Session 2 10:30 PM:
Jeff Logan (Goalie)
Paul Schweikart (Goalie)
Jesse Schnitzler
Brady Schnitzler
Will Bach
Todd Baily
Ryan Ashbaugh
Brent Wenz
Matt Sykora
Kevin Dawson
Scott Finkbiener
Kurt Weissgerber
Tom Ciupak
AJ Perrot
Jeff Milano
David Ericsson (If you can make it)
Rob Dennis
Matt Jenkins
John Balazas
(Some guys can stick around to fill empty slots)

If you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me an email, text or phone call!
Graham Hutchinson
Mobile: 937-272-1578
Email: ghhutch@gmail.com

See you on the ice,
Your Captains (Graham, Rich, Matt, Rob)

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