2012/2013 Fall/Winter Season Roster

The 2012/2013 Fall/Winter Season Roster has been selected and is available on http://daytonhockey.com/roster. Please take a look at your team and view the schedule (http://daytonhockey.com/schedule) to see when you will be playing each week. In an effort to maintain parity between teams and facilitate the best hockey league in the area we mixed up the players a bit more than previous years. After we play a few games we may trade some players to balance the teams. We look forward to an exciting season and hope you see this as an opportunity to get to know more players in the league.

We are in need of at least 4 more players to break even and pay for the ice time for the season. If you could ask your friends, family, and/or colleagues if they are interested in playing in or sponsoring the league that would be very helpful. If you find someone who is interested in playing or sponsoring please inform your captain and/or have them fill out the contact form (http://daytonhockey.com/contact).

If you have any questions please contact us (http://daytonhockey.com/contact).

Good Luck,
Graham, Rob, Matt and Rich

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