2011 Fall/Winter League Roster and Schedule



The captains have met and the teams have been picked.  The roster and schedule have been posted posted on http://daytonhockey.com/ this evening.  For tomorrow's games half of your fee must be paid by tomorrow nights game or you cannot play.  This means skaters owe a minimum of $210 and goalies $105.  If you are splitting the season please pay in full.  If you have an issue with this or need to workout a payment plan please let me know asap (Any special needs payment situations will be dealt with on an individual basis). Full payment of league fees are due by 12/12/2011. 
To kick off the season on the right foot we wanted to re-enforce some things with everyone:
Question: Who are the captains?
Answer: Richard Bohme, Rob Hollencamp, Matt Overholt, Graham Hutchinson
Question: Do we have a game this Wednesday (Wednesday October 26th) instead of this Thursday?
Answer: Yes, we have one Wednesday game this week but the rest of the season is Monday and Thursday.  Please make sure to check the Dayton Hockey schedule, the South Metro Sports schedule, and your email before each game for any updates.
Question: Why are our games going to be played later in the evening than last year?  
Answer: We transitioned league management from Paul King and Steve Marczuk to Richard Bohme, Rob Hollencamp, Matt Overholt, and Graham Hutchinson and ice could not be booked until we had these positions and responsibilities set in stone.
Question: Who do I pay?
Answer: Please make your payments to any of the team captains, preferably your team captain.  If you are writing a check please make it out to Dayton Hockey. REMEMBER: Pay BEFORE you play your first game. Again, full payment of league fees are due by 12/12/2011
Question: Are there any rule changes this year?
Answer: Rules will remain largely unchanged. Penalty time will be reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes running-clock. The 2-line pass rule will remain in effect. We would also like to re-enforce that this is a non-checking recreation league intended to be fun, a good exercise, and something we can do & return to work the next day.  If there are any fights you will be removed from the ice immediately and subject to what the captains decide.  This may result in removal from the league.  Please treat the referee with respect at all times.
Question: Are subs allowed?
Answer: Yes, if there is space available. Non-league subs must first be approved by the captains. Payment will be arranged when the player is approved to play. All non-league subs must sign a waiver before playing. League players may substitute for other teams as the need arises. However, no team may recruit subs from other teams unless your team has 7 or less players, and no team may exceed 9 players when using subs. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Question: What if teams are un-even?
Answer: Captains will meet throughout the season to make sure that teams are even.  In the case that a teams are not even trades will be conducted.  This is to make sure that we are all having fun and have a competitive league.
Please print and sign the waiver from the website and submit them before getting on the ice. Please come early to your first game if you have not paid and/or signed a waiver.   
We look forward to a great Fall/Winter season.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
Your Captains,
Matt, Rob, Richard, Graham

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